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Studies show that the more raw fruits and veggies in your diet, the happier you are.

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Enter the Vitamix.

I've known about this powerhouse blender for years, but never actually thought that I'd indulge myself by buying one.

Several months ago, however, my energy bottomed out. I was so tired all the time - and I didn't know why. I did know that my diet had deviated significantly from the fruit and veggie filled diet that I'd been eating when I was happiest. Like many people, eating had become about what was easy, convenient, and least time-intensive to prepare. I knew that my energy levels at the time precluded me from looking up old favorite raw food recipes and putting the energy into preparation, and I knew that I'd be much more likely to get lots of fruit and veggies into my diet if it were easy. So I did it - I ordered a Vitamix. Granted, it was a refurbished model, but it still seemed like a ridiculous luxury I couldn't afford.

I made it a goal to drink one Vitamix smoothie daily. I'd throw (and still do) carrots, celery, and an apple or orange into the blender with some cold green tea to thin it all out, and I'd drink this as my first meal of the day. The transformation in how I felt was nothing short of remarkable. My zest for life returned - I was excited and optimistic in a way I couldn't remember having felt in such a long, long time. I mean YEARS.

I never worry anymore if I'll be able to use all the produce I buy, so my fridge after Costco runs is bursting with fruits and vegetables - which never go bad! It feels good to know that I'm doing such a good thing for my body and soul.

Oh, turns out the doggies love Vitamix smoothies too. They always get the leftovers.

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