My Approach


I have a special interest in clients with depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, inattention, insomnia, addiction issues (food, alcohol, amphetamines, etc) and disorders of emotional regulation.  What do these seemingly disparate conditions all have in common?  In my experience, they are all conditions that are in large part caused by deficiency of key neurotransmitters - and are therefore (at least partially) treatable with diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.   

That's not to suggest that these choices are easy.  They are by no means easy.   We live in a world where food is engineered to be addictive, and where we work in fast paced jobs that require too many hours and create too much stress.  At the end of the day, we've depleted our physical and emotional resources and often have nothing left to give to our friends, families, and hobbies! We turn to food, alcohol, or drugs for comfort, and in the process exacerbate our stress, fatigue, and lack of motivation. 



















But thankfully, there is a solution that is doable.  Most people have tried diets for weight problems, or medications prescribed by the doctor for depression.  Maybe you've tried anti-anxiety medications or yoga classes to manage your stress.   But for some reason or other, the symptoms aren't adequately treated.   Why?  Because the source of the problem hasn't been addressed - and I'd argue that the source of the problem is often vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, or amino acid deficiency.  This is good news -because it's correctable!   

Getting to Know You

My first goal is to get to know you - your story, your health challenges, what you've tried in the past.  My next goal is to find out what you're looking for - what would your life be like if you could overcome your health challenges?   Once we've got some motivation in the form of a vision of your life without health issues, we move forward with diagnosing your unique deficiencies and crafting a supplement plan to address them.  You'll be amazed at the power of naturally occurring supplements to turn your mood or cravings around - literally in hours.  With the right supplements on board to kick your cravings and correct your mood related symptoms, we will talk about the power of foods to increase your energy, health, and vitality, and together we will collaborate on a meal plan that you can stick with.   We will talk about stress reduction techniques, like yoga and coherent breathing.   


Information, Inspiration, & Accountability

Once we've got you going in a good direction, I will check in with you - daily at first - to provide gentle accountability about sticking with your supplements and meal choices.   Science proves accountability is VITAL in lasting behavior change.   You will determine the frequency of sessions after that.   


I'm so confident that you'll feel better that I'll guarantee it - if you don't, I'll gladly return the money you've invested in our sessions.   


Good health is transformative.   And it's so much easier, so much more possible, than you think.   Do the right thing for yourself and get in touch - it's free! 




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