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My experiences and education uniquely position me to guide you in the creation of a sustainable plan for lasting change.  Whether you're tired, depressed, or unmotivated, I can help you to make those easy changes that - sustained over time - will compound into big transformation.  Contact me for a free consultation so we can get to know each other and talk about your goals for yourself.   Using a combination of vitamin supplementation, doable diet change, and easy exercises for the mind and body, we will get you feeling better faster than you thought possible.

After the initial consultation, we will get to work. Follow-up sessions will provide accountability, encouragement, and trouble-shooting. We will focus on your success in the implementation of new habits, any challenges you've faced, and what positive changes you've experienced as a result of your new habits. You will watch your momentum grow and your success compound as we continue to work together towards transformation. I believe in you, and can't wait to work with you!

Contact me for a consultation during which we will talk about your health and wellness goals, and how I can help you to achieve them! In this session, we will explore your current medical problems and health related complaints, current medications, supplements, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction practices. We will then collaborate on how we might best approach helping you to achieve your goals with diet, supplements, and alternative therapies, using the science of habit change to guide us. There is no obligation to book a follow-up session. I look forward to hearing from you!

A consistent relationship with a knowledgeable and compassionate coach is scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to motivate and sustain positive change. By purchasing 12 sessions up front, you're making a commitment to yourself - a commitment to see this goal through. I can't wait to start helping you create positive, lasting change!

"Everything you want is out there waiting for you. Everything you want also wants you.  But you have to take action to get it."

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